Things You Can And Can not Use Your Best Metal Detector For

If you’re looking for the perfect metal detector for your treasure hunter, the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector is sure to please. The 8″ waterproof search coil can be used in damp weather as well as searching for things in shallow water. Nearly all of the gold nugget on our website are found with metal detectors and we are asked all the time which detectors are best for nuggets hunting. Join Dorian and Mike as we discuss metal detecting for beginners part 2By All Metal Mode.

Explicitly designed to detect a wide range of objects and treasures with its waterproof, 8-inch transmitter coil, the Bounty Hunter TK4 comes equipped with three powerful modes: all-metal mode, discrimination mode, and two-tone audio mode. Get them started on their treasure hunting hobby with a basic metal detector. This metal detector adjusts to eight levels on sensitivity for many ground conditions. This device stands head and shoulders above metal detectors of GPX series when detecting large and deep resting gold nuggets as well as detecting gold at any depth. Garrett has designed a new model of metal detector Garrett AT Gold specializing in non-ferrous metal and gold nuggets detecting.

Ergonomics are very important when considering your purchase of a metal detector. If you just want to start off casually, then choose a more economical metal detector with less features that will allow you to get out there and see if you enjoy it. Overall just always remember that metal detecting should be fun and stress free.

It will let you know how deep you need to dig in order to pull up your object from the ground. Spider coils are the most consistent of all coil shapes and can be used amid bushes and grass. Detectors with manual calibration allow the user to adjust their ground balancing setting as they choose.

If you want to search deeper, however, you’ll need a larger coil. There are differences between the best models and cheaper options though, such as the addition of target identification, advanced displays and ground balance control. The truth is that most decent metal detectors do a good job of detecting coins.

Coins are made from different metals, so you might want to adjust your frequency for specific coinage. In the past frequency was a big thing, but modern coin detectors have pretty much overcome frequency worries with good design and better circuitry. The cost involved depends on how easy it is to find them. Coin hunting is an immediate thrill, finding money for free never gets old. There’s a handy depth indicator that shows how far down to dig.

Don’t panic if you’re new to metal detecting and have just seen the price of the XP DEUS. One of the most important factors when choosing a metal detector is your experience and skill level. The best metal detector is the one that suits the users’ needs. Some of them in this category include Garrett GTI 2500, Fisher F2 Metal Detector, and Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector. Some metal detectors are designed to detect metallic objects or treasure chests that are hidden underneath such as chests of pirate gold coins.

This coin metal detector has loads of features.  It’s one of the best coin hunting metal detector offerings on the market. This dayglow orange pin-pointer is such a hassle-free device that everyone should take it metal detecting.

That’s why gold detectors generally have a higher kHz capacity than lower priced all-purpose models. The higher your kHz the more likely you are to find gold. The machine does the hard work, adjusting itself as you move around.

Some of the top metal detector brands include Tesoro, XP, Teknetics, Minelab, Fisher, Whites and Garrett. It’s also useful to be able to switch to a small coil when hunting in tight areas or near metal fences. The result is that you’ll need to turn down your sensitivity, which reduces the effective search depth.

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