Who wants to employ a unfamiliar diploma or degree in Flanders (or in a Flemish manager in Brussels), should acknowledge the equivalence of this diploma.

It is an authorized proof that your chosen overseas degree or diploma offers the identical value as a possible counterpart, Flemish degree.

Diplomas utilizing Belgian Areas and certain dangerous diplomas (as well as others through the Netherlands and Luxembourg) are immediately acknowledged in Flanders.

To analyze.

Individuals that want to start out or go on a software program of review that has a international degree or diploma in Flanders, requires no reputation from the equivalence with the degree in idea. The lessons situations are responsible to themselves, to determine dangerous to the value of your diploma and provide (potentially underneath certain problems) ability to access precise instruction. Speak to So first into the training expert. You can submit an application if they nevertheless ask for recognition.


You intend to function in Flanders or possibly a Flemish employer in Brussels.


The acceptance in the equivalence of an diploma or degree passes by from the pursuing procedure:

Verify whether or not you require a reputation of equivalence.

Students wanting to paper writer review in Flanders, needs no identification of equivalence.

Diplomas from other Belgian Neighborhoods and certain dangerous diplomas (as well as others coming from the Luxembourg and Netherlands) are routinely identified in Flanders.

Look at you need to sign up for reputation of equivalence by which instance.

Commonly, the popularity needs to be applied for the equivalence with NARIC Flanders.

Are you looking for a controlled job physical exercise in Flanders? Then you can definitely, below particular disorders, direct the skilled reputation of your own international diploma pertain to the capable power to.

Choose a solution.

Any person looking for popularity of equivalence with NARIC Flanders, has a decision somewhere between two training of action:

A selected identification.

The application form.

Submit the applying form and affix all of the required documents. Other dialect the applying shape might use in Language.

The dossier give NARIC Flanders. On this page you are able to research how your dossier NARIC Flanders need to send in at (mandatory documents interpretation an additional language documents.).

You get a receipt if your dossier has been entered. This will acquire 3 to four weeks.

After the signing up of the document, the liable standard exactly how much make sure you shell www.wccnet.edu out and receive a bill operated. This will get not less than 5 doing the job time. The method starts the recognition if you have paid.


A degree reputation will take no more than 60 calendar time. A specific reputation normally takes a maximum of 120 schedule days. The deadline commences when all necessary paperwork are provided.

Amount of money.

The cost of this process will depend on the level of recognition from:

Amount recognition: 90 EUR Distinct acknowledgement: 180 EUR identification of an doctoral thesis: 300 euros.

A number of targeted organizations are exempt coming from the economical participation. Below you can look up the situations.


Coaching occupations.

Are nationals in the nations around the world with the Western Monetary Spot or Switzerland,

And you also acquired a college degree in one of them countries around the world,

And you wish to show in Flanders.

On the case you need to make application for the skilled acknowledgement from your diploma or degree in AGODI purchase that you https://payforessay.net/ should train in primary schools, extra colleges, grown-up schools or fine art institutions. Do you wish to educate in an school degree, you need to be directed to the classroom instance per se. You have to determine on their own whether or not they may teach. You can also use request a a number of acknowledgement, in order to select.

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