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One great feature is that it comes with waterproof headsets as well. This detector is great for scuba diving as well as snorkeling and wading.

It only comes with one detection frequency at 8 kHz but has a five discriminate range sensitivity and depth reading as you metal detector price go along. This one is a top of the line metal detector that comes with a colored HD display with adjustable backlight.

The TK4 is the world’s most popular metal detector and is the number one selling unit on the market for metal detecting hobbyists. Although this happened years before the forerunners of treasure detectors began to explore, it did not mean that people would not be interested in how to look for gold with a metal detector.

On Deutzman’s Fourth of July excursion to the waters off South Beach, it’s a moot point. They argue that not only are the rules rarely enforced and impossible to police, but also they ignore that detectors provide a free clean-up service, removing metal and glass objects that would be a nuisance to swimmers. Those murky rules are a real problem for serious metal detectors. Alan Hays of Umatilla to draft a bill that would reinstate the old rules, but the proposal never got off the ground.

It has a high sensitivity towards metal that it detects automatically once the coil approached the substance. It has an all-metal motion mode and trash elimination control that helps distinguish the garbage metals and the proper kinds of stuff. Also, it has its very own maximum depth of detection with the power sensitivity control. Be excited to discover and unfurled the hidden right below your feet with this National Geographic PRO Series metal detector and support the vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs of National Geographic Society.

In combination with its good looks, this is a popular detector that is very good for his money. Personally I would go for the 350 but if you want a good detector as cheap as possible, then the Ace 300 is a very good choice.

For more information about saltwater hunting, check out my list of the best beach metal detectors. Most detectors have waterproof coils, but the unit itself also needs to be submersible when hunting at the beach.

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One of the coolest features of this detector is its sniff mode – this lets you clone targets you have found before to make it easier to see what you are looking for and ignore the things you do not want to find. The Gold Bug Pro also comes with ground phase value to indicate what type of mineralization you’re dealing with and the screen graphic indicates the amount of mineralization. This one is a real top of the line detector for finding small gold nuggets in tough mineralized solids. The detectors pinpoint function requires you to press a button and move the detector slowly over the potential target.

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