UFC 226 Predictions and Betting Odds

International Fight Week culminates in UFC 226, among the best cards on paper we’ve seen in a while. This card is piled to bottom — I would seriously recommend watching nearly all the bouts on this card — but that does not always lend itself well to bettors. Don’t worry, I am here to bring you a comprehensive breakdown and forecast for every fight on the main card of UFC 226.
2018 Prediction Record To Date
Straight Up Selecting Notifications Picking Underdogs
27-19 23-13 4-6
Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier
Miocic (-250) has assembled his match around his world-class boxing abilities. He constantly probes with his long jab as he waits for his opportunity to counter. That being said, Miocic could be better if he is fighting in a phone booth with much more power in his short punches than most humans have, period. Additionally, the reigning winner is a former D1 wrestler who has adapted his personality excellently to MMA. Generally, these abilities are used defensively but Miocic will also use them offensively to wear down opponents — view his most recent bout versus Francis Ngannou. If he has one big drawback, it’s his defense. He’s got a bad tendency to have a hit to give a hit.
Cormier (+195) is first and foremost a series wrestling pro. The former Olympian is at his best when he can get his competitor’s back from the cage and start working his vast selection of takedowns. If he reaches top, DC is a master at making his opponent work when giving them go. His striking is not the sexiest but the meat-and-potatoes approach has become an superb secondary skill set for Cormier. Though he is known to be a heavyweight — 13-0 in the weight class — his height and reach disadvantage will be pronounced in this one.
Unlike the gambling odds, I would not be shocked if Cormier won this fight. The only person to beat him is Jon Jones. But, Miocic is an excellent boxer who can utilize his reach advantage over the smaller Cormier and the heavyweight winner’s wrestling background means he won’t be steamrolled by the former Olympian.

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